Beverly Lazor

  • Three Amigos, by Beverly Lazor
    Three Amigos
    Beverly Lazor
    Oil on Canvas / 11 x 14 / $800 / $200
  • Locked Out, by Beverly Lazor
    Locked Out
    Beverly Lazor
    Oil on Canvas / 8 x 8t/ $500 /t$200
  • A Little Sugar, by Beverly Lazor
    A Little Sugar
    Beverly Lazor
    Oil on Canvas / 14 x 11 / $800t/ $250
  • Easter Egg Radishes, by Beverly Lazor
    Easter Egg Radishes
    Beverly Lazor
    Oil on Boardt/9 x 12 / $900 / $275
  • Reflections, by Beverly Lazor
    Beverly Lazor
    Oil on Boardt/ 8 x 10t/ $600 /t$200


About Beverly Lazor

Beverly Lazor currently serves as the Coordinator of the Online Fine Art Department, BFA where she instructs and writes curriculum for the online department. Beverly graduated from Art Center College of Design with distinction. She has been a freelance illustrator and product designer for over 35 years.

Clients have included the entertainment industry and toy manufacturers. She has designed and illustrated books, movie props, character development guides, style guides, plush characters and products. She has also illustrated over 30 children’s books adapted from movies like An American Tale, Land Before Time, and We’re Back to name a few.

Her talents have been employed to create signage for the Gene Autry Western Heritage Museum and the Getty Museums in Los Angeles and Malibu. Beverly’s passion for oil painting has allowed her to create many fine art paintings that have sold through galleries and her website. She is currently exhibited in the Jessup Cellars Gallery, in Yountville, CA as well as shows in Southern California. She is a member of the prestigious California Art Club and California Plein Air Painters.

Beverly is the mother of two adult children and lives with her husband in Southern California. She loves traveling to France and Italy where she spends time plein air painting.

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