Craig Nelson

  • Above Squaw Valley, by Craig Nelson
    Above Squaw Valley
    Craig Nelson
    Oil on Canvas / 18 x 24 / $3,850 / $450
  • Coastal Color, by Craig Nelson
    Coastal Color
    Craig Nelson
    Oil on Canvas / 20 x 16 / $2,900 / $425
  • A Dolomite Outing, by Craig Nelson
    A Dolomite Outing
    Craig Nelson
    Oil on Canvas / 16 x 12 / $1,950 / $250
  • A Light Haul, by Craig Nelson
    A Light Haul
    Craig Nelson
    Oil on Canvas / 30 x 2 4/ $5,500 / $475
  • A Light Rain in Montalcino, by Craig Nelson
    A Light Rain in Montalcino
    Craig Nelson
    Oil on Canvas / 18 x 24 / $3,850 / $400
  • Analogous Harmony, by Craig Nelson
    Analogous Harmony
    Craig Nelson
    Oil on Canvas / 20 x 16 / $2,900 / $300
  • Below Cortona, by Craig Nelson
    Below Cortona
    Craig Nelson
    Oil on Canvas / 20 x 10 / $2,050 / $375
  • Blow That Horn, by Craig Nelson
    Blow That Horn
    Craig Nelson
    Acrylic on Canvas / 16 x 20 / $2,900 / $300
  • Chardonnay Grapes, by Craig Nelson
    Chardonnay Grapes
    Craig Nelson
    Oil on Canvas / 24 x 30 / $5,500 / $500
  • Classic Ride, by Craig Nelson
    Classic Ride
    Craig Nelson
    Oil on Canvas / 20 x 16 / $2,900 / $450
  • Compliments, by Craig Nelson
    Craig Nelson
    Oil on Canvas / 18 x 18 / $3,200 / $400
  • Cornwall Port, by Craig Nelson
    Cornwall Port
    Craig Nelson
    Oil on Canvas / 36 x 24 / $6,000 / $600


About Dr. Craig Nelson

Dr. Craig Nelson is the Academy of Art University’s Executive Director of the School of Fine Art Painting. He has been depicting landscapes and portraits in vibrant oils by instinctively balancing originality with tranquility for over 30 years.

As a high school student in Cupertino, California, Nelson discovered his passion for painting portraits and his admiration for such varied artists as Bernie Fuchs, Rembrandt, Norman Rockwell and Andrew Wyeth.

Nelson, known for the luminosity of his brushwork and stunning color spectrum, captures the beauty of simple, cherished moments in everyday life, implementing settings ranging from a mood-filled bar room to the character of Tuscan architectural landscapes.

Artists travel from across the country to locations in Italy, the coastal Carolinas, and California to take part in his private workshops.

Nelson’s internationally collected works are represented by Artiste in Healdsburg and Santa Ynez, California; Ella Richardson Fine Art in Charleston, South Carolina; Garden Gallery in Half Moon Bay, California; Peterson-Cody Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico; and Waterhouse Gallery in Santa Barbara, California.

In addition, Nelson has received sought-after awards from Arts for Parks, the California Art Club, and SILA. Additionally, he has published three popular art books, including 60 Minutes to Better Painting. Profiles on Nelson and his exceptional artistry have also appeared in American Art Collector and Southwest Art

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