Liz McCall

About Liz McCall

My work focuses on the difference between the self and the body, and the wider implication of how we experience the world. Our selves can be continually destroyed in the process of growth, in an effort to make new. Destruction has to be a part of creation, in the replacement of the old, and we are meant to experience change, to be changed, without anticipating it. This is where panic lies, in this separation between self and body, between assumption and actuality.

The processes of monotype and collage allow me to create strong marks rapidly and move fluidly through different images. I use letterforms as a raw expression, in the turn of my mind and stream of thoughts. Language is intended as clarity, but I find it can actually make things more obscure. Words can make the intangible tangible, but that doesn’t mean anything is easier to understand. My work serves as a method of discovery, to ask questions, to show that the self is not the body but is still informed and shaped by it.


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