Samantha Buller

  • Sweet Shades, by Samantha Buller
    Sweet Shades
    Samantha Buller
    Oil on Canvas / 30 x 30 / $1,600 / $650
  • Flip Flops, by Samantha Buller
    Flip Flops
    Samantha Buller
    Oil on Canvas / 40 x 30 / $1,950 / $600
  • The Best Life, by Samantha Buller
    The Best Life
    Samantha Buller
    Oil on Canvas / 30 x 40 / $1,875 / $900
  • Apples on Ultramarine, by Samantha Buller
    Apples on Ultramarine
    Samantha Buller
    Oil on Canvas / 10 x 10 / $500 / $200
  • Olompali House, by Samantha Buller
    Olompali House
    Samantha Buller
    Oil on Canvas / 14 x 11 / $500 / $200


About Samantha Buller

Samantha Buller received her BFA in Painting from the Academy of Art University. Originally from the Bay Area, her work reflects the beautiful light and modernism that is found in Northern California. Her work has been shown in the Hall of Justice in San Francisco, in local businesses, hospitals, several galleries, as well as on the set of a prime-time television show.

In 2008, she studied a semester abroad in Italy, which has greatly influenced her love and passion for the arts. She states, “Italy was full of rich, golden colors. The culture is truly inspiring for any type of artist, and having the opportunity to paint while standing amongst an Italian sunflower field, is one that should be one experienced by all.”

During the summer of 2014, Buller traveled to Victor, Idaho to learn from prominent artist, Scott Christensen. Just one month later, she had the opportunity to travel back to the Tetons to continue working with Christensen and learned how to mix color for the artist. The experience has greatly influenced her thought process, in addition to, creating her own work in her studio.

Overall, Buller’s love of color completely drives her work. She is inspired by the art of Wayne Thiebaud for his paint application, color, and composition, as well as the works of Raimonds Staprans for his layering techniques. She chooses to paint simplistic objects to create a clean, strong design, and share interest with the negative space. She continues to develop her style as she paints, never wanting to get bored, and continually striving to grow.

Buller was named by Southwest Art Magazine as one of 2013’s young artists to watch. She currently lives and works in Sonoma County, California.

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