Samira Akbari Hozmahi

About Samira Akbari Hozmahi

Samira Akbari Hozmahi was born in 1982 in Iran. The architecture and environment of her hometown was a major influence to her becoming an Artist. Samira studied architecture and worked as an interior designer for four years in Iran. However, she eventually found architecture limiting and entered the Fine Art program in India as a sculpture major.

Upon graduation, Samira came to The Academy of Art University in San Francisco to immerse herself in the MFA program in Fine Art Sculpture. Again, she has found a new and inspiring place for retelling her story as a female Iranian artist. Her recent works are fragmented, self-portrait body casts, created in both ceramics and bronze. Samira employs diverse media and material to explore her personal story. Samira Akbari Hozmahi currently works for the Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco.

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