Sean Hsiao

About Sean Hsiao

Sean Hsiao was born and raised in Taiwan, and moved to the SF bay area in the year 2000. He was educated at the Academy of Art University and obtained his BFA in Illustration, as well as his MFA in Visual Development. During the time of his study Sean had various works accepted into the juried Academy of Art Spring Show.

After graduation, Sean worked both domestically and internationally in the entertainment industry. His experience as a concept artist includes various projects including movies, tv shows, and video games.

As a fine artist, Sean Hsiao is known for his landscape paintings and prefers to paint plein-air as often as possible.

“When I plein-air I capture the emotion that I am experiencing by using brush strokes to recreate a sense of freedom and movement. I use color to recreate the mood of the scenery in front of my eyes. By using the ultra wide format I hope to give my audience a cinematic experience when viewing my work.”


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