Tomutsu Takishima

About Tomutsu Takishima

As a third generation painter, Tomutsu Takishima’s passion for art began at an early age within his father’s studio in Japan.

While pursuing his degree at the Academy of Art University, Takishima’s became influenced by the Ashcan School of American Realism painters for their approach to situational subject matter and sketch-like, broad brushstrokes.

Currently, he focuses on the human form in real life situations and is attracted to the figure’s natural, physical movements. Takishima’s pieces have been exhibited at the Wendt Contemporary Gallery in Laguna Beach, California and the Merced Multicultural Art Centre in Merced, California.

As a current faculty member at the Academy of Art University, Takishima finds that his students help expose him to new approaches, ideas, and concepts that he normally would never think to explore.

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